Rockwoods IIT-JEE & NEET Academy

Rockwoods has a vision of empowering young people to aspire for the best-in-class colleges and universities and strives to achieve this through the academy which has the finest of faculty, a highly enriched curriculum and an equally enabling environment to support this. With many years of experience of coaching students for EAMCET, IIT-JEE and NEET, the Rockwoods Management has taken up this task with a promise to every child who is enrolled in this to support him/her to enter a college of their choice. As a means to this end there are three programs taken up by the Rockwoods IIT-JEE & NEET Academy.


IIT-JEE Coaching

IIT-JEE coaching is being offered from grade VIII onwards. These classes are taken post school hours. The concepts are taught from NCERT textbooks; however, extensive practice is given to the students to deepen the concept and scaffold learning in order to create a strong foundation

For Grades XI & XII

IIT-JEE and NEET coaching is taken up by simultaneously running two tracks, NCERT & MTG, this deepens the concept clarity. Extensive practice is also provided through MTG Fingertips and NCERT Exemplar books, to make them perfect. Tests are held every week and every month a grand test is taken up. The faculty for this is highly experienced and experts in the field.

NEET Long Term Coaching

This program is carefully curated with the best-in-class processes. It is for students who failed to get a good rank in NEET and wish to appear once again with renewed vigour. There are several reasons why this program of ours has an edge over other similar ones available. Some of them are given below.

Tried and Tested faculty for NEET coaching.

Best infrastructure most conducive for learning.

Students are encouraged to take pride in achievement.

Intensive coaching and consistent improvement.

The last leg advantage of super rigorous inputs to provide the 100% success.

Best use of technology to leverage the tech advantage.

Frequent tests in NEET pattern for practice.

Immediate diagnosis of the gaps and doubts clarification.

Varied study material.

Frequent counselling for stress relief and developing a culture of achievement.

The teaching methods adopted is a blend of traditional rigour combined with scientific techniques and topped with advanced use of technology.

Faculty members are highly experienced persons with years of proven track record of several success stories in EAMCET and NEET coaching.

Our calm and serene campus provides the right impetus for the students to progress towards their dream to become doctors.

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