Residential Facility


Excellent spacious, air-conditioned dorms are there which are maintained in a very neat and hygienic way. Students have storage spaces to keep their belongings safe.


Nutritious food is provided to the students which is multi-cuisine. They have breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, evening snack and night dinner. Each meal is wholesome for the students and the menu is prepared by a dietician.

All Round Development Of The Body, Mind, And Soul

Students have a structured physical exercise beginning with morning yoga and meditation and playing one sport. Evening sports program where they play a game to master it. In a calm and serene and green environment, students get to breathe clean air and grow in a healthy manner.

Study Hours

Students are provided morning and evening study hours under expert tutors. They are particularly trained to focus on the academic development, gap identification and filling of gaps. For every 8 students a specialized tutor is provided.

Dorm Parents

Our Dorm Parents play a key role by working closely with boarding students to ensure the environment is safe, sound, caring and student-friendly, they inspire every child to be the best version of themselves.Each dorm has a dorm parent who takes on the role of a parent in the hostel and collaborates with the teachers and the heads and also monit

Hospital Tie – Up

School has a tie up with Onus Hospital. In case of any sickness, they are given online consultation immediately and the hospital sends its van, “Hospital on Wheels” with a doctor and nurse in attendance

Other Facilities

Toilets are maintained very hygienically and the dorms and toilets are frequently sanitized.

Counselling Sessions

Students are counselled by expert wellness counsellor for any issues.

Daily Schedule

Students have a daily regime which instils discipline in them.

Weekend Schedules

Every Saturday and Sunday students have study hours, sometimes outings to places of interest, movie screening and of course games and sports

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