Promoting mental Health and well being in your school

Promoting mental Health and well being in your school

Promoting mental Health and wellbeing in your school

Every year, Place 2 Pick a new awareness theme that highlights the significance of considering the mental health of children and adolescents. The theme for 2020 was to be courageous, while the theme for 2021 was to express yourself. The theme for this year will be Moving Together.

We examined students' mental health in school and how teachers can assist. Mental health issues are a concern for everyone at any time; on all days of the year, Awareness days are a great way to start an open discussion and bring people together to show solidarity to those struggling.

In this piece, we'll try to provide a source to school staff with actionable tips that you can implement to create positive mental health cultures within your school. We would love to hear from you whether you have tried any of these suggestions, and don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions.

How Do Schools Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing Psitively?

Teachers and school personnel must encourage mental health and well-being in schools. In many cases, even minor adjustments can make a difference in making someone feel better.

Encourage Social Time

Plan 30 minutes or one hour each week during which students can have fun and concentrate on something other than the subject matter. Inspire them to interact with their classmates and work on a project, for example, a complex issue or challenge.

Run Lunchtime Clubs

Allow students to relax at lunchtime by organizing after-school clubs. The clubs can be for any activity: baking, arts and crafts and baking, drama clubs or film clubs, book clubs, and so on. A sense of community can make students feel more included and relieve them of the stress of school for a short time.

Have an Open-Door Policy

Your students must know they are welcome to discuss any concerns or issues they may have. Make this clear to your students so that they know you're always available to listen. It's also possible to designate an individual teacher for each year level who will be able to help any student who is who are struggling. The teacher should possess knowledge of the field of child psychological well-being and be able to support.

Make Mental Health Known

Unfortunately, mental health is still viewed as taboo, and sufferers feel ashamed to discuss it. People also feel they are judged when they talk about their problems. Therefore, it is essential to place mental health as a primary concern within your school. Discussions about it should be part of PHSCE classes, discuss issues in school assemblies and commemorate awareness days, such as World Mental Health Day, to remind students that they're not the only ones. We have the Mental Health Resource Pack for Schools for more guidance here.

It is also possible to ask charities, like Mind and Rethink, into the school to speak about their work and also discuss the subject that concerns mental health.

Organize a Wellness Week

To truly put health and wellbeing at the center of the school's mission, you can organize an annual wellness week at your school. This will benefit students and staff alike. In your Wellness Week, you can:

Make connections. Encourage students to speak to one another and engage with those they don't usually meet.

Create a day of sports or activities. Exercise is believed to increase endorphins, so make the most of this by engaging your employees and students in various activities. Inspire students to set objectives (nothing too large) to ensure they receive an increase in self-esteem when they accomplish them.

Give to those in need, Organise charitable events like bake sales or fancy dress day, and then donate the profits to mental health organizations. Giving back to others is believed to decrease stress and enhance wellbeing.

Be aware, Host meditation sessions, and create a peaceful environment.




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