07th December, 2022

Why and How Children Should Form a Reading Habit

Why and How Children Should Form a Reading Habit
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Why and How Children Should Form a Reading Habit


Books are our real friends. Starting from story books to the courses we pursue, we have to read, understand, and apply the knowledge. Agree? Then, why leave our little ones from developing reading habits, which would probably be the best thing for us as parents and teachers to offer them. If you are among those who thing it’s not the right time to inculcate reading habits in your child, you need to re-think. Reading is the perfect learning method, which should be introduced in the student’s life as early as possible.

Reasons to Introduce Reading in Kid’s Life

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you might have observed that kids learn more when you narrate an incident related to the chapter being taught. That’s how it works on them and this is the purpose of reading. Listening to stories leaves an everlasting mark on the students and the lessons learnt become unforgettable. This is what you as teachers/parents want. Isn’t it?

Inculcating reading habit in them will make sure they keep reading. Understanding every aspect related to a topic, reading point of views of authors and having opinions on them when they grow up will broaden their horizons. At their young age, they might love reading fairy tales or horror stories, the habit being inculcated will make them go crazy for the both fiction and non-fiction genres in the long run. This craze for reading every day will only help them get better and better.

How to Inculcate Reading Habit in Kids?

Below are few techniques that can help you make your students enjoy reading:

Don’t Look at Their Age

This is mostly for parents who always think their kids are too young to understand what reading is all about. But it’s time you be aware that the kids brain starts developing even before they are born. Yes, what mothers read, they hear and its stays with them. Thus, you cannot underestimate their level of intelligence even when they are 0-1. Start from allowing them to check out the colorful pictures and turn pages. They will enjoy it. Gradually, move to short fairy tales, adventure lessons, stories inculcating values, and one day, they will be reading biographies.

Add Expressions

Daily reading becomes boring if you just go on reading. Make the reading session interesting. And how to do that? Read with expressions. They should understand the importance of feelings and emotions that writers and authors put into their work. Thus, show excitement, surprise, fear, shock, and add all other emotions as you read on. Your kid will get so addicted to reading that they won’t spend even a day without giving that book a read.

Just remind yourself the above two things and inculcate multiple reading techniques while narrating a story for your kid. Develop the habit of daily reading in your kids right from today itself.




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